Loki’s Avatar Boys – changing???

Lets start with my shops, neglected for the best part of over a year. I have new shirts and jeans coming out, better quality, more detail. Using new 3rd party applications and improved 3D sculpting skills to ad to quality of my products. New backpacks, some new toys. The only problem is the huge scale of the market now. I used to sell the clothes and stuff to pay for the islands and used to gain a lil profit off of it. But now i dont make much money at all, not enough at least to pay the tier, and since you all donate to the tier the designing of clothes is no longer as important as it was. So the reasons behind why im designing clothes has changed, and the way i sell them will change also. Its not about making money anymore, it’s about paying you all back for donating to goony island, keeping it going…..

For more information, watch this space 😉

1 thought on “Loki’s Avatar Boys – changing???

  1. Ohhh!!! Looking forward to seeing your new stuff Loki, specially the toys (still have to find a good place to use the catapult…). Designing should be fun, without the need to actually make Lindens, then you can really let your imagination go!

    Have fun, and enjoy yourself 🙂

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