Goonies VS seperatists Snowball fight

In the run up to Christmas here at Goony Island there are a few things ive set up to give a christmassy feel.
as usually the centre of the goony isles is frozen for ice skating. But also on top of a huge crystal palace sits Egnog the christmas troll. He is a creation by me and my good friend Wlfric and gives gifts to all who can answer his many riddles.

Also we had a huge snowball fight, the Goonies VS the Seperatists. But it would seem all the seperatists had gone on holiday cos Gemini was on his own at the start. The fight soon degenerated to a FREE FOR ALL fight.

Much fun had by all. This is’nt my best video to date, but it does show a great scene of all the boys lobbing snowballs at each other inside the goony snowball fort :-p. It also shows how well my macbook pro runs SL now since the latest update to the OS.

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