The 9th Burning of the Beltaine Wickerman.

BT0During Fantasy Faire opening weekend it was also the Escapades annual burning of the Wickerman which has occurred in Second Life every beginning of May for the past 8 years. Annual events like this are a great way to gage performance and stability of the grid. This year nothing went wrong, and for me at least there was no lag even though we had more people than ever turn up for the Parade up the mountain side to where the Wickerman waited. Performance and technology aside, the Beltaine experience is a spiritual one. No matter where in the world and what religious baggage your culture has, In Second Life on top of Escapades mountain it’s all about the immersive memories shared with your friends there on the night. It’s a simple experience where you just have to be there with others and watch as the wickerman burns and slowly falls apart while hearing emotive music and the sounds of cheers. I think its that simplicity that allows people to become so in the moment and come away with such a striking a memorable experience. Once the parade of torch bearers arrived on top of the volcanic hill the group met Dogstar who gave a few words before setting the wireman ablaze.


Greetings visitors, it is time for your appointment with the wickerman.

I am Dogstar lessa Sidhe of the seelie court of the Island and i welcome all.

We stand together this day once again.  Look to your left… look to your right…

No matter who you are or where you truly are, we all share this moment this night. 

This is the moment we think of those who are no longer here to share this moment.

This is the moment we appreciate those who stand beside us and share this moment.

Give way the cold, let the thaw begin, As Winter transforms to Spring again. 

Let all creatures of cold slumber rise, And feathers on wings fill the skies.

The wicker man is set upon high, burnt to send wishes to the sky,

Beltaine brings the passion to grow, to reap the benefits of seeds we sow. 

Beltaine blessings to each and everyone, and hear us cry BELTAINE!! BELTAINE!!  BELTAINE!!



It was great seeing snapshots on SLfeed after the experience, seeing everyones different perspectives showed how similar everyones experience of the event was. I don’t film this because it’s something you have to experience. Below are some snapshots taken by those who took part in the 9th Beltaine Wikerman.

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