Ui View into SL meme thingy

Some SL bloggers are doing this MEME thing, and the latest meme seems to be about what your Viewer UI arrangement is.

There are so many different ways to organise your viewer and some people prefer different things. Some people like lots of buttons available to them, others like to have everything tucked away.


Im one of these that likes things tucked away while also using Linden Labs main viewer and UI. I’m an early adopter at most things, something new comes out ill try it, if it sticks then i grind my teeth and get used to it. For instance i used to have two windows open for conversations. One for the nearby chat, the second for Instant Messages. Linden lab changed it so it’s all in one window and while I like this, i still find myself typing in the wrong box more than i would like.

I have the usual AO and an old DUMBO flight feather button left corner next to the mini map. I was also a fan of the side bar and so when it was removed i continued to stick the inventory and profile related buttons on the right side, while my builder and communication told are along the bottom.


1 thought on “Ui View into SL meme thingy

  1. AHa the CHUI interface, yes i use it once a week in kokua. Its uhmm not so bad after a while. The good thing is that you have a bit more screen space then in Firestorm with seperate im/group and chat window. not really have the experience of mistypeing. but not used it in a way i got further then chat and maby 1 or 2 IM’s. so after heavy resistance i think i can live with it. only thing the buittons are a bit big on my screen. ALways bark a bit on most new things. but after some time and slow use some are not to bad. 🙂

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