Egnog the Troll arrives at Escapades Island baring FREE GIFTS!

As has been the Tradition on my virtual island since the days of Goony Island, Egnog the Christmas Troll has once again arrived. For those who don’t know, Egnog replaced Santa as the gift giving giant after Santa was perms-banned for showing his nipples. Since then Virtual kids and adult avatars from all across the grid have searched out his icy grotto in the hops of receiving free gifts.


This year a giant lolly Pop has appeared at Rickety Town Centre, The Well and The Absinthe Cafe in New Babbage. Through these Lolly Pops a magical HUD can be acquired that will transport you to a blizzard landscape and home to Egnog the Troll.

(To get the HUD simply click the lollypop and a glowing ball will appear, CLICK to BUY this for  ZERO Linden Dollars and you will get a request to auto attach the HUD. With the HUD attached a pop up will appear telling you to click the White Star to be magically teleported to Egnogs Grotto. Clicking the star will bring up a request to teleport, Accept this and away you go!)


If you manage to find his cave simply rub his tummy and he will give you a free gift festive gift. Be careful though, depending on wether you have been good or bad this year will change the outcome of your gift 😉


Egnog will be at Escapades Island up until New Years Day. I hope you all have a great Winter Holiday and have a merry stress free christmas and New Year 🙂

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