Goony Adventure – Indiana Goonies and the Kingdom of the Crystal Toe

We appeared in some ruins at the Mexico Ruta Maya sim ready to set forth and find the Legendary Crystal Toe….

We quickly made our way up to the first small temple and once fighting past the ant eater we made it inside….

Once inside we realised there was no toe. Carvings on ceramic pots pointed to nothing so i dunno why i mentioned this.

We decided to head through the nearby forrest in search of the Crystal Toe crossing rivers and avoiding cheeky monkees… Jesper found some new friends….

We made it to a rocky cliff where we discovered an passage to a great Mayan Temple…

Once inside we headed down into the tomb only to find nothing but a carved tomb stone….

On our return to the surface we found ourselves trapped behind a large prim placed by Domi.

Eventually though we managed to push past and joined some of our fellow explorers outside who were being chased by a giant stone montser thingy….

Managing to escape by the skin of our teeth we then went in search of the illusive Domi. He was hiding up on the forrest covered cliff behind the temple.

Domi then joined us as we climbed up and up. On the top we discovered a hand glider and some crazy rope things which we used to zip down to the ground below….

Finally we arrived at the end of our adventure. We had not found the Crystal Toe which was not surprising since i had made it up….

So for the final trip i rezzed the Goonies Icarus Airship and we flew above the ruins and past the giant water fall back to where we started and landed at the beach.

We had spent a good two hours goonying around those ruins, was a right laugh 🙂

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