Slightly Pointless Protest at the home of Dusty Bin Linden

Well SL5B is on its way and Marianne McCann and me are busy trying to set up our Communities contribution to the many cultures on show. I remember back last year Marianne submitted the Child Avatar community as a CULTURE in SL but it seems one of the Lindens is nervous about having our community listed as a ‘Culture’ in SL. My brother is on the case now. I know its not really a big deal, but in the long term it might grow into one if we just let ourselves get swept under the rug. There is a few words going around that this may be to due with american politics and LL kissing butt.

Anyway we went round to Dusty “bin” Lindens home, found it empty and did a protest by trashing her place.

But it all got returned 5 minutes later so was a really a bit pointless.

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