The Milk N Kookies Interview

So yesterday i finally got interviewed by Yuki and Koffee for the Milk n Kookies radio show. The show seems to be a real success in the child avatar community and i thought it would be fun to share some opinions live. I forgot that Loki is alot more outgoing and confident than his RW typist so when it came to do the interview i suddenly had an anxiety problem and pulled out last minute. Anyway i was talked into trying again the next day which i did and the interview did finally take place.

I think most people will be surprised at how dull i really am lo. In SL im able to choose words carefully to get maximum meaning, i have time to think about what i say and dont stutter and stumble. It’s another reason i am in Second Life, i’m free from the lack of confidence.

The interview highlighted for me why i wont ever use voice chat. The answers to the questions were not as insightful as they could have been, in fact most of my responses were the result of anxiety and mind blanks.

Loki has so much to give, so in future i’ll avoid screwing it up for him by doing any more interviews 🙂

1 thought on “The Milk N Kookies Interview

  1. Heyyy Lokiboy, that interview was totally awesome! You sounded authentic. I’d buy a used car from you anytime. Rai

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