The Tale Of Will

This is a story i have written which will hopefully be the groundwork for the SL5B build this year

Not to long ago it would seem
a man called Will fed up with work
and tired of responsibilities
fell asleep and started to dream

He woke, or so he thought,
many years younger
in a world of clouds and moonlit skies
upon which he began to wonder

he met a teddy bear with goggles
building something strange while humming a song
“what’s that?” enquired Will
“It is your imagination” replied the teddy, “i am fixing it”
“thank you!” said Will before moving on

Will walked through a dark woodland
with cold looking trees
and swore he was being watched
by something nasty

“Welcome Will,” Said Angry Jack
who appeared beside him unawares
“I have something to show you”
And with that Angry Jack
pushed Will into the tunnel of nightmares

Inside Will felt cold,
he wanted his mummy or a hand to hold
Whispers called him names, told him he was bad
things from long ago
from nightmares he once had

But in the darkness a hand grabbed Wills
pulling him into the light
And there stood a girl with a friendly smile
“follow me, you’ll be alright”

So the two walked side by side
over clouds until they met a boy
who tinkered with a giant flying toy
“ALL ABOARD!” he said aloud,
“It’s time to head above the clouds”

So will and his two new friends
floated up into the night sky
and gazed down into the endless space below
without concern at all of being up so high

And soon enough they dropped
down onto a fluffy cloud
to be greeted by other glowing souls
where they played and laughed
and hugged and danced proud

A drummer boy pointed to the sky
“to the castle and the moon,” he said
“to the moon and beyond”

So off went Will who led the way
followed by all of his new found friends
but out of the ground sprang angry Jack
“I will terrorise you to your wits end!”

As Will cowered in deep dark fear
the others gathered around
to give him love and support
to help him stand up to Angry Jack
where ever he be found

Angry Jack shrunk weak and small
as Will with his friends stood up tall
Then the drummer boy banged his drum
“to the castle and the moon,” he said
“to the moon and beyond!”
then up the hill of clouds ran them all

Inside the castle stood a round table laden with cake
and they all sat equal side by side
and stuffed their mouths until their bellies ached

then the drummer boy banged his drum
“to the moon and beyond,” he said
“to the moon and beyond”

So `Will climbed upon the wall
and from the tip of his toes he jumped
over to the sleepy moon
being careful not to fall

One by one his new friends followed
and once on the moon Will looked up
“and beyond” he said before leaping high
and up he went into the sky

And together they all ventured beyond
where their imaginations are free to dream
where friendships grow strong
to stay young at heart it would seem

the end

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