Goony Adventure – Search for the evil giant HEADCRABS!!

Im my quest to find new interesting pets for Nemo beach i had found myself down a dirty dark drain pipe accompanied by goonies Myrtil, Mickie and Domi…..

Climbing down a rope we found an entrance to what could only be CERTAIN DOOM as danger signs covered the walls….

But i really wanted to see these headcrab things so we carried on into the tunnels, sticking close together and domi arming himself with the biggest gun he could find in his pocket…

At the end f the tunnel was a large room with a wyrd looking can in the middle. Suddenly i was jumped upon by these nasty crabby things of nastyness!!!!

Luckily Mickie, Domi and Myrtil came to my rescue shooting the goondocks out of the crabs. After a while it became apparent we could not hold them off for ever so we made a hasty retreat back down the tunnel and out into a cave….

Climbing a ladder we emerged from a grave tomb into the daylight of the town square safe at last. In the end i bought some pigeons.

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