Oculus Zombie Smash Party

Every now and then i like to go hack at zombies to relieve stress. This week i visited Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse thanks to a suggestion by my friend Flok. I always find that the first 15 to 20 minutes is spent finding the right weapon to use. I settled on an Axe while everyone else had guns. I also decided last minute to hook up the Oculus Rift and see how well it performed using the CntrlAltStudio mac viewer.

Well here is a short 2 minute video showing the resulting mayhem.

CtrlAltStudio has the bare bones of Oculus control compatibility and highlights issues that Linden Lab will be having to figure out for their viewer. But thats not to say The CntrlAltStuido Oculus experience is not functional and enjoyable. My first impressions i wrote about how Oculus with SL made me sick. Ive since leant that standing up really helps reduce the sickness and after a while you learn what sorts of movement to avoid.

Running around after zombies did bring up an issue that bugs me about the controls. The oculus basically moves your view in mouse look, so you look up and on screen you look up, but your mouse also controls your view while also firing and clicking on things. In furious zombie moments i ended up real world with my head looking at the ground while in SL i was looking straight ahead due to having moved the mouse up. The two controllers unsynced can give real headaches. Checking with Half Life 2 it seems Valve avoided this problem by only allowing the mouse to control left and right. Moving the mouse forward and back only made the onscreen cursor ‘Target’ move up and down, not the actual view. Hopefully LL will have spent hours and hours figuring this one out and maybe the CtrlAltStudio devs will be able to mess about with fixing this confusing issue.

3 thoughts on “Oculus Zombie Smash Party

  1. can you shoot in mouse look using a keyboard? not as far as i know, infact if you could use keyboard to emulate the left click of a mouse it would solve a whole heap of control issues, better yet if you could script custom key controls that would make things easier too… but alas.. no

  2. Great to learn of your experience smashing zombies with the Rift! When UI is added that will add some mouse operation complications. In the meantime I can feel some more viewer options coming on. : )

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