The Goony Island Openday Party

Was an amazing day of partying and fun here at the New Goony Island. Thanx to everyone who got involved and came along. DJ’s from the vortex supplied us with live sessions from the vortex to Nemo Beach and i played a 1 our set after giving a boring speech, blinded by spotlights put out by someone. As you can see by the pictures the place really filled up with party kids to the point that the Sim actually crashed and restarted. But this did not stop the party and we just picked up where we left off 🙂

There was even a Goony Initiation where a hopeful Goony had to dance with a zombie hehe, well done that boy 🙂
All in all a very fun day and the celebrating carried on well after i had left to go sleep. Below there is a very short vid of the party at an early stage…….

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