So today is the day that Goony Island Finally opens to the Public. Yesterday i sat on the new daydream beach with my brother taking a break from the week of moving and building. The New Islands are virtually the same as before, just a tad bigger in places. Not having neighbours is great, FPS is up and the open expanse of water allows the mind to calm.

The Hawkins Bay residents have all moved in already leaving a signpost at Sunrise to say they have moved:)….

And all day yesterday campers waited patiently for the Sim to finally open…..

So now its open to exploration and fun, hope you all enjoy it as much as you did in Sunrise Sim. There will be a partying throughout the day to celebrate, and competitions and freebies.

I Myself will be moving the final bits and bobs from Sunrise today, then next week i will be clearing up the Sunrise Location. I’ve many years of fond memories at Sunrise SIm and will miss it.

1 thought on “GOONY ISLAND, open

  1. And wonderful the place looks, Loki! Could only pop in fer a bit of the party, but was there earlier meeting friends. Did notice although it look very much the same, it still has to acquire the feel and aroma that only develops after months of kids visiting!

    Have fun everyone!

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