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I think for the most part  hardcore Second Life users are a rather forgiving bunch. To be an SL user is to have learnt the art of patience and tolerance. Its hard for me to find another example where i pay a premium for software that i spend most of the time learning work arounds to get it to do what i need it to do.

Right now Linden Lab is rolling out new this and that, in fact they have been rolling this and that out for about a year leading to some news blogs repeating the same news. It’s also beginning to feel like things are breaking under the pressure.

Im sure its all been wonderfully explained somewhere about how the new beta/development/maintenance viewers work, but I’ve lost the plot. I can no longer tell which viewer performs best, or what bugs are known about, or which ones are not bugs but my incompetence, or wether its a third party issue or a first party or a second party???

Much fan fair has been made about the new materials feature, and as a creator i love the extra detail. But the viewer tells me i best not have materials switched on my top of the range iMac. In Fact even switching Advanced Lighting on to take a snapshot is a dangerous gamble that could lead to crazy pixilated nightmare screen that requires a force quit.

That moment when the viewer turns against you

It’s ok really , i can live without materials, although i suppose i should start adding Minimum System Requirements on all my Marketplace Products that have Materials Enabled. I should probably also start adding which Third Party Viewers my products are compatible with since I’ve started getting Messages from people who’s mesh items don’t appear or who’s eyes bug out when wearing an item. The first question i always ask is “which viewer are you using” and its always the same third party viewer. It’s beginning to feel like developing content for Android.

Eventually combined with other little annoying failures such as, the release viewer crashing almost all the time on initial start up, Objects never appearing, textures never loading full detail, Sl profiles taking ages to load, SL feed failing to load, NOTICES FAILING TO FRAKIN LOAD, Inventory search going blank, constant system wide memory Freezing…….. it all just gets to much.

I am often in SL building and taking snapshots in my sky studio. These moments are bliss, frame rates are high, settings are maxed out and I’m building awesome things. Its on the occasions i meet with friends and go on adventures that require a lot of ‘moving’ and ‘communicating’ and ‘socialising’ it’s then that i get the distinct feeling of playing in a train wreck.

As long as i dont move, meet other people or be anywhere near other object or the ground… i should be fine.

As the Lab pushes on with releasing an apparent backlog of fixes and features, i can only close my eyes and walk head first into the storm hoping it’s just getting worst in order to lay foundations for improvement. Thats my D.O.* speaking

ThreadError: deadlock; recursive locking


*Draxtor Optimism.

4 thoughts on “We’re sorry, but something went wrong

  1. Loki, changing a complex system while it is running is like operating the open heart while the patient participates in the tour de france…
    Complications should be suspected. I prefer LL improving the platform and running into problems to not getting active because it could create problems.

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