Loki Absinthe cafe & Art Gallery in New Babbage

So phase 3 of the 5 phase rebuild of my plots in the steampunk city of New Babbage is complete.

The Old Sculpty heavy Cafe was a 50 prim build which wasn’t very much but it was the chairs, tables and bottles of absinthe that took up all the space. Anyone who has tried to furnish a house in Second Life knows how quickly prim allocation would disappear when adding a 20 prim chair.

One of the more notable benefits of mesh is the ability to get much lower land impact when regarding the fact the objects will only be visible from inside the room. While importing a mesh table you can set the lower LOD levels to almost zero because when people see the table they will already be quite close to it.


I was also able to reduce the prim count for the new absinthe bottles and paraphernalia from the huge 20 prims down to just 2 land impact for something far more complex in detail.



So the old cafe was 50 prims and its Weight counts were as follows. Download count 37, Physics count 41, Server count 49 and a Display cost of 39519.


and the new cafe?

A higher over all land impact of 84 which was expected because i added a fair amount of extra detail here and there. Still though, Download count 83 which is quite high also, Physics count 6.2, Server Count 35 and display cost of 25682.


So according to the viewer calculations the new cafe takes longer to download but is easier for the viewer to display and has a very small physics footprint. So the best way i can describe the difference is that the New Cafe is bigger and heavier yet smoother and easier to hold. :-p


The Gallery

Essentially the cafe is pretty much the same as it was before. I held a reopening party for friends and much merriment was had.



The Gallery is once again stocked with Absinthe inspired paintings. This time though i actually sat down to create some art that would fit with the victorian period based on the symbolism movement. The paintings are also ‘Materials’ enabled so once the materials feature comes to the main viewer you will be able to see the paint strokes on the varnished canvas.




On to Phase 4.

Next on the list is the Cobblestone house across the canal from the cafe. Its a big old Tudor building that is horrifically inefficient and prim my and leaches prims from the two other plots i have in New Babbage. Not only do i hope to dramatically reduce the land impact it uses, but i also want to make the fake factory thats there usable.

Will start phase 4 after SL10B 😉

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