Thinking ahead to Oculus immersion.

ocolus riftIve been watching the Oculus Rift stuff with interest and of course wondered if it would ver be supported by SL. With Draxtor overspilling with excitement at Linden Labs CEO’s comments on an Oculus Facebook page i’ve had deeper thoughts on the subject.

It’ll never be as simple as just putting on a headset and playing the game. A lot of extra thought, design, and programming will have to go into how you interact in an Oculus Second Life.

For instance how many of you view your second life as being the avatar you control or do you perhaps see your avatar as another person you control, influence and guide. Are you your avatar, or are you your avatars typist.

Second Life is primarily i think a 3rd person over the shoulder game. We take a lot of pride making our avatars look awesome. What happens then if we attach a peripheral that puts us inside our avatars, we see everything from their eyes. To some this might be a very odd shift in how they perceive Second Life and their avatars and themselves.

when you sit on a go kart do you want to see it from the mouse look view or from a floating camera behind? And what about building from a mouse look perspective?

There is a possibility that Linden Lab would allow several ways for Oculus to be used in SL. I saw a video of Oculus being used with team fortress and the testers were experimenting with the many view and control options available.

But other than from the view of your avatar, is it even practical to have another view point? Such as a guardian angel floating behind your avatar view perhaps. Would be similar to the fly cam i enjoy with the 3D Spacenavigator. And speaking of the 3D mouse. There is so much i do with a keyboard and the team fortress testers already said its hard to use a keyboard when in Oculus. Immersing yourself in Second Life with Oculus could dramatically limit your controls. Chatting via text chat would be near impossible. Selecting inventory, clicking things in world could be more difficult depending on how well mouse actions would be in the Oculus view.

But as someone who loves looking into SL’s potential for games and experiences i do start wondering what new possibilities Oculus could bring to SL. Special Particle effects and moving objects that take advantage of the 3D in Oculus.

Walking around in an Oculus view of SL would be like nothing we’ve seen in SL before but the novelty will soon ware off if i can’t interact with the environment due to overcomplicated plonky controls.

Not quite sure why i put this video at the end, im sure subconsciously its relevant.

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  1. dude i am spilling coffee all over the house coz of the excitement….jon from archvirtual tried it btw – anyhow: i do think this won’t be a big deal with how you view yourself – most sense would make exactly a switch between mouse and over shoulder view. or like space navigator – it has a button that decouples your “eyes” and let’s them fly around and you push the button again and you are in your “head”. ok, gotta go spill more coffee!

  2. I too am very very excited about all this.
    As I have build my 1920s Berlin sim to a realistic scale and already wear my SL camera almost right behind my head, I think that my sim won’t need a LOT of adapting.
    I will also get used to mouseview, I’ve actually wanted to use that camera view for ever, but because all the buttons vanish, it is impossible.
    You can’t chat when in mousecam and that is bad!
    But as we know from many games, this is not impossible to fix.
    LL needs to make a viewer that allows us to have all the options in mouseview that we also have in regular view.
    Stick the camera right inside our avatar head’s and we may even be able to see our legs and hands, something many OR users seem to miss in their experience 🙂

    • ive been in SL for almost 8 years and i only just found out i can set the viewer to show my arms and legs in the mouselook view via preferences :-p

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