Head Hurting!

Once again im feeling the pressure of doing to much in SL. Trying to balance what i do in SL with RW work and RW projects is causing me stress. I know a lot of people offer to help me in my projects but most of the stuff i do , only i can do… dunno call me a lil control freak. I just want my friends and fans to know that in the next few months i might be really inaccessible, but just cos i dont answer back or dont listen to you does not mean i dont like any of you, im just trying my best to juggle everything.

To give you an Idea of what im up to in the coming months…

1. Maintaining Nemo Beach and hopefully building a new improved Goony Club house.

2. Weekly DJ Show at the Vortex

3. Organizing Halloween Event and Build in New Babbage Town.

4. Organizing a Guy Fawkes event for November the 5th in New Babbage

5. Overseeing a new Vendor System being built.

6. Shops – Designing new clothes range for winter.
Building new toys and vehicles
Hoping to create new super detailed Boy Avs

7. Organizing an SLC Christmas Roleplay event.

8. Freeze over Nemo Beach for Xmas.

9. Help New Babbage become a dickens christmas sim.

So as you can see, a lot going on there….. 🙂
Hopefully i will get some time to chill out and play… eventually

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