What the frak is currently going on at the Lab & Second Life

It’s almost time to start reflecting on the past year with predictions of whats to come next year. And while Daniel Voyager has his out nice and early, Im not ready to publish my predictions just yet.

instead I’m looking at what the frak is currently going on at the Lab and Second Life. While most of us in SL are just going on with our usual virtual mischief roleplaying, holding events, building stuff and blogging gossip, Linden Lab more quieter than ever grind on with updating and improving the platform.

Unless you read the right blogs though you would be fooled into thinking Linden Lab do nothing at all, that they spend all their time building patterns and mucking about on iPad shared creative concepts. Occasionally we get at least once a month a blog post but the fact is LL it seems is quite shy.

Perhaps they are just fed up of the negative feed back which always outweighs the positives and this has lead to us having to dig real deep to find out what LL are doing. If you are truly interested in whats going on and want to give constructive feedback there are User Groups. I just read the some times daily write ups from Inara Pey and Nalates Urriah who go out of their way to report on the many User Group Meetings.

The Jira is also another way to find out whats going on. Once simply a place to rant about things that go wrong, it has become a more moderated constructive tool in helping the Lab track issues and ideas and bugs. Recently the Lab locked down the Jira in what seemed to me an attempt to curb the amount of spammy trolling hate. Now they are slowly opening up the Jira again to those proven to be constructive.

So what has Linden Lab been up to for us this year? this was a question a friend of mine asked while i was complaining about Creator Tools not being fully released after a year. So i laughed and said.

Advanced Creator Tools
Mesh Deformer
CHUI (Communications Hub User Interface
Expanding to STEAM
• Interest Listing & Cache improvements (part of Shining Project)
• Server side Skin Baking (part of Shining Project)
• Moving to HTTP Library (part of Shining Project)
Direct Delivery & Merchant outbox
SL Materials mapping
• Expanded Large Group Functions
• Fixes and improvements to current features such as Mesh, the SL feed

Ok so perhaps LL have been rather busy after all, and these are only the projects i know about. There was trouble wit grid around September, i think when schedules clashed with major bugs and everything waiting to be added got pushed back while the troubles are resolved.

When looking at the list of projects and get an idea of the scope of stuff thats been and being done i understand that some projects get put on the back burner and even further back when things start to go wrong. Perhaps my creator tools are an unfortunate casualty of this, i just need to find the right pathway to communicate with the lab and find out so i can share with the rest of you 🙂

1 thought on “What the frak is currently going on at the Lab & Second Life

  1. I’ve said many times that I think most of the LL-anger would vanish if they’d be more communicative.

    They started to listen to that, but the clammed up again after the last-name fiasco. They fail to understand that while people -will- get more positive if they communicate more, if they communicate excuses, negativity and deception: people will call them on that. BUT this is different from how they will get responded to if open and honest.
    – Everytime they have been communicative with excuses or deception, it has gone over well.

    All of the things they’ve been up to, all of the good stuff – they need to open up about it. Get some good press going. Otherwise bad press will create itself.

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