Lessons of social #VR

After the Oculus phenomenon there was a period where Second Life users such as my self were cheering with excitement. For us it seemed the long awaited next step in Virtual World immersion was fast approaching at last. There was almost a sense that through this new technological advancement our niche of a social virtual …

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My Robinson: The Journey – PSVR Review

That’s right, i do reviews now, reviews are cool. Ever since the beginning the SL community has debated the question ‘Is Second Life a Game?’ to me the answer is no, but regardless of this i have always found inspiration in games for how to bring experiences to Second Life. With this in mind i’ll go …

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My Experiences with PSVR

Yeahy i finally got a consumer VR Headset… and no its not the Oculus or Vive, it’s the lower cost PlaystationVR. This is the first VR Headset I’ve used since the old Oculus DK2 before Oculus pulled the plug on Mac support. So i won’t be able to compare PSVR performance with the higher end …

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