Think Less about land impact #SL

When Linden lab reduced the amount of prim allocation for what became the ‘Homestead’ regions that was a clear indication that prim count made a difference to sim performance. But that was then and this is now, the Mesh revolution in second life. When incorporating mesh Linden Lab have thought hard and are still tweeking occasionally …

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Answering Rodviks question #SL

I was saying to some of my friends a few days ago, ‘we aint heard much from the Rodvik of late’, low and behold he surfaces briefly in the SL Universe forums with a very interesting question. “Actually I do have a question for folks here. Assuming SL improved performance enormously, from region crossings to lag …

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Games in #SL don’t have to be Games – It could be emotional

New Features in Facebook arrive so suddenly that the first you’ll probably hear about it is from Tech Blogs such as Techcrunch or Mashable where they report the fury from users who have their contacts sucked out of their address books. Linden Lab on the other hand announce new features years in advance. Last year Linden …

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