The Future of Second Life is …. a bit boring…..

So yeh, was excited about doing stuff for SL6B. And in the short time i had, built something i thought was interesting and involving. As an after thought created an SLC area with the help of Myrtil, Jimmy Winnie and Sven. Marrianne has made a really nice area too with a kool huge retro rocket …

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SL6B – Here we go again :)

Well so far it has been a very different experience than last year. Those of you who rememeber, Kid Avatars got banned from representing themselves at the event. This year however LL seem to be getting a whole lot of things right, not only are Kid Avatars allowed to build community exhibits right from the …

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Chapter 7 – The Great Rescue Mission

Yesterday i was discussing nuts with Myrtil when suddenly we were ambushed by the dreaded green gelatinous cubes. We had no warning this time from the signal transceiver and i was powerless to save Myrtil as she was dragged down into the old mine shaft. A call was put out to the Goonies and a …

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