CSI:Nemo Beach

With all the crazyness about the New Secondlife CSI:NY episode, and the virtual murder mystery (which ive already done in Babbage) I arrived last night to find the mouse trap surrounded by signs. Seems some cheese has gone missing and those people at the Cheese Scene Investigations are on the case.

Im Two Years Old WOOT

last Sunday was my 2nd Rezday. Two years since i first stepped into SL as Virtual Kid ready to explore uncharted worlds. Back then i had no idea id still be still in SL as the same AV with the same Hair and freckles. Never imagined id have such a following as i do. Thank …

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Head Hurting!

Once again im feeling the pressure of doing to much in SL. Trying to balance what i do in SL with RW work and RW projects is causing me stress. I know a lot of people offer to help me in my projects but most of the stuff i do , only i can do… …

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