My first time in SL with the Oculus [UPDATED]

So thanks to Cinder Roxley and David Rowe i finally got my first taste of Oculus VR in Second Life on a Mac using the CtrlAltStudio viewer.  And what a wonderful experience it is. I say this even though i threw up this morning from using it. CtrlAltStudio gives us the bare bones of Oculus Integration …

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The Big Black Box Arrived – UPDATED #2

Was supposed to be working on new clothes today but something arrived in the post to change that plan. Im a virtual world geek, not really a developer. Maybe ill learn some use for oculus while trying to apply my skills learnt for the SL Platform on Unity3D. It’s fine that Linden Lab are working on …

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Thinking ahead to Oculus immersion.

Ive been watching the Oculus Rift stuff with interest and of course wondered if it would ver be supported by SL. With Draxtor overspilling with excitement at Linden Labs CEO’s comments on an Oculus Facebook page i’ve had deeper thoughts on the subject. It’ll never be as simple as just putting on a headset and playing …

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