Chapter 6 – The Final Fight!

A new message was received suggesting the Grand master was again constructing an evil TOWER OF DOOM. Later the grand Master also hijacked a goonies Instant Messaging device in order to announce to the group that he had combined the Narcadon SKull with the Tower and would use it to wipe us off the island. More …

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Chapter 5 – The Grand Master Strikes Back!

The Goonies gathered at Goony Island to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Goonies film unaware that the Grand Master planned to gate crash the party and try to steal the Narcadon. I say unaware, but we in fact intercepted his message to Glorb telling him to attack us so some of the goonies came prepared. …

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Chapter 4 – Invasion of the Search Droids!

After The Goonies Hid the Narcadon, Glorb sends a message to the Grand Master. Annoyed the Grand master sends out Small Search Droids to try and relocate the Narcadon. These Droids follow people around but are easy to destroy. If you see one on Goony island, my advise is to SHOOT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! …

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Chapter 3 – Moving of the Narcadon – SL Goony News

Loki Eliot reports for the SL Goony News as the Grand Master sends a team of Lizoids to retreave the Narcadon SKull. The Goonies rush to lift the skull form the water and hide it sumwhere safe.

Chapter 2 – The Mission Underground

So Data and Loki built a teleportation machine gizmo and Jimmy stepped up to be the first one to go through. He IM’d us to say all was well and that it was ok for the others in the team to follow. Once down in the secret base, we found a long dark corridor that lead …

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