Fantasy Faire felt really good

My work there is done, but the virtual world Fantasy Faire 2018 in Second Life is still open for another extended week, so if you haven’t visited yet do find some time this week. On Saturday i spent over an hour just discussing with my friends Nat and Strifeclaw about how the roleplaying went, how … Read moreFantasy Faire felt really good


At fantasy Faire there is a role-play group for Kid Avatars and ANY kid avatars can join the gang to role-play a story as it unfolds over the coming week. This year the group will be playing the Magpies, a bunch of michevious street kids who pick a pocket or two. They live amongst a busy bazaar … Read moreCALLING ALL KID AVATARS THIS IS #FANTASYFAIRE2018

Peak Nostalgia in a Virtual World

I have faint memories of an open desert landscape. Somewhere in the centre i am sat with new friends i had recently made, i don’t remember their names, i cant remember if all these years later they are still my friends, lost amongst my contacts lists. We were all dressed as pirates and pretending to … Read morePeak Nostalgia in a Virtual World

Loki Avatar 3.0 – Part 8: Sprint to the finish

This is my first blog post of 2018 and we are already in March! I think in my previous blog post i said i hoped to get the Loki Avatar 3.0 out before Christmas. Well i ended up full of cold viruses which took me out of action, but to be fair im not sure … Read moreLoki Avatar 3.0 – Part 8: Sprint to the finish

My hopes for Second Life and other things in 2018

Last year i left 2016 rather optimistic for 2017 and wrote a list of things i’d hope to do this year. I said i would take a step back and get more involved in things. As it turned out many of those things did not happen, but thats not because i decided not to, but … Read moreMy hopes for Second Life and other things in 2018

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