New Island NAMED

I finally settled on a name for the 3rd Loki island… “Nemos Beach” will be a small place with big open water for fun relaxing beachy type stuff to do. On it ive already built a spiffing lighthouse and started construction of the Goony lodge. In the Lodge i hope to have my Avatar Boys …

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Beltaine wikerman

Finally had a pirate party that did not end abruptly. Ater dancing around getting merry on the new island i had recently aquired, we went to the top of Loki Island and set fire to the Wickerman. Afterwoulds we all drank more…… Happy Beltaine, may yur summer be fruitful…..

The Fate of BOOB Island!???

Everyone who has visited Loki island will no doubt have seen and stood open mouthed at Boob island next door. The Iconic BLOTT on the Sunrise sim. Its now up for sale and ive seen some people taking a look, then flying off in a hurry.I have decided that i may rent the island myself …

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Gem the lil Chior boy

Gemmy is now my very own lil brother in SL, which is kool cos i luv him very much. He had always wanted a special taylored Vienna Boys Chior outfit, so i made him one at last 🙂

A Fateful Party At Loki Island

Had a Party last friday. I Cool Pirate Party. All was going well untill i noticed sumone had put 25 objects on my island. That along with Gems Lights and dancefloor filled my island up…. so i went to retuen the unknown objects but pressed the wrong button it seemed, POOF, the whole island dissapeared…. …

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