My Friends

Ive made some spiffing friends in SL, heres a sum up of some of my faves. Redwolf i met as a wolf. Since then we became chums and i really love him, hes well kool. He thought i was cute as a boy and asked me to make him a Boy AV. Now i usually …

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Over the months

I have been hanging around IN SL for a couple of Months now. At first i thought ‘WOW what a great place, full of great crazy wyrd people’. The more i walked about the more i wanted to see as i started to realise almost anything could be created there. This post is to get …

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My Second Life

Welcome to My Secondlife page. Secondlife is an online virtual world home to thousands of residents who all build an environment to live and play virtually. My Avatar know and Loki Eliot owns four islands where he spends his days making gadgets and designer clothes to sell to others. Loki is the founder of the …

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