loneliest boy in SL

When i first came to secondlife it was a world of exploration within myself and the creations of others. I met some great friends who i became quite attached to as we explored together. I fell i have lost touch with those friends and now after nearly collapsing from the constant working inside and out of SL i realise i miss those friends alot. I miss exploring and the wonder of SL.

I spend so much time building, making projects, maintaining current projects that i find myself stood on a hill holding ropes that keep things together while the kids play below me enjoying what i have created. Its my own fault, i find nothing better than to see people enjoying what i create but in the last couple of days ive found it hard to jugle it all.

I get plenty of offers to help, and i apriciate it but whats in my head is in my head untill i build it out of prims. Im not one to release control of sumfin untill ive finished it.

So i often find myself busy from project to project, to busy to make new friends, to busy to keep my old ones. The only thing that keeps me going though is seeing people having fun, maybe someday i can sit back and enjoy it all, when i retire to a stable working unbuggy sim.

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  1. Hi Loki 🙂

    Your friends are still around, and will still be here when you need. I, and I am sure all the other people who know you, appreciate the hard work you put in to make our lives fun.

    In friendship.

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