Im here and there sumwhere :-p

Been trying my best to stick around at the islands. Lots has been happening over the last couple of weeks. Opened new shops, even had a Goony party which was awsome, thanx to everyone who turned up. I think one of my highlights was new friend Aaleexx drawing his sword and walking the plank to dive and take on the giant squid hehe.

With the shops finished i thought i could have a break, but as soon as i stopped i got a message from marrianne asking if id help make a build for the Secondlife 4th Birthday celebration representing the SLC. How could a refuse such an spiffing oppertunity to show the whole of SL what the Child Av community actually do!

The idea i have come up with centres around what it is to be a kid Av, the excuse to giggle, joke about have fun fun fun and explore. I dont wonna build sumfin thats overly cutesy, i wonna build sumfin that can be interesting and involving to adults as well as kid avs. It will show the history of Kid Avs, and show the various things kid Avs get up to. Unfortunitly you wont be able to see what i come up with untill SL4B week…. yu’ll all just have to wait heheh :-p

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