Get ready for a Steam powered Second Life

The ‘Steam’ thing is quite interesting, it could be a MAJOR thing. Where does SL get it’s new users from, where do they find SL? Outside of it’s own bubble i never see any references to Second Life. So when it’s added to valves ‘Steam’ suddenly Second Life will be exposed to up to 40 million people, ‘IN YOUR FACE’ sort of exposure.

Yet how will this work? Currently Steam lets you download games through it’s own app and keeps it updated and stores data on your login, what you are playing and so forth. Would Second life be incorporated into Steam this way? you would be able to see how many concurrent users are in SL and compare it to other games.

Steam is currently going through major changes so perhaps the way we see steam working will be completely different by the time SL hits it. There is talk of Steam as being a social HUB, and also talk of Steam transitioning to the front room TV. Will this mean SL will finally see it’s way into the front room via Steam? Probably not. Steam is also starting to offer NONE game applications through its ‘store’ .

LL have already stated that if you download and use SL without Steam, then that way will still continue as normal. So i’m interested, will Steam Stats reflect the total of SL users or just those playing it through Steam? and will we see a massive surge of new steam users trying out Second Life wondering what the hell it is or the point of it for a few weeks? It could be really crazy and for those who manage to get their places on Destination guide during opening week will have some fun i think.

It’s times like these that i hope Linden Lab will be able to be more clear on when such a huge event like this is to occur. Sometimes it feels like we SL Content creators are actors in a theatre production and Linden Lab are the promotors. If they dont tell us when the big event is, we end up looking like dicks when the audience arrives and we haven’t rehearsed or even got dressed for the performance. But then again maybe LL cant know when SL will be added to Steam.

Get ready people, this could be epic… or it might not :-p

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