Rickety Pack ONE & Prim Absorption #SL

So with me slowly rebuilding the island over the course of the year i find myself collecting bits and bobs. So i’ve decided to release Rickety Packs which will allow others to use the same objects i have used to create fun places.

The First Pack contains Plank walkways, stones,  rope bridges and textures.



Prim Absorption

The pack also contains a basic PRIM which you can use to create supports and extensions. Linking these PRIMS to the mesh you will see that the land impact might not increase, this is due to ‘Prim Absorption’

The unit of 1 PRIM land impact is simply an approximation of ‘display, physics and download costs’ calculated and sometimes rounded up into a number that Users can easily understand in relation to what they can build on a region. This Unit is known to Ancient Users as a ‘PRIM count’, but new users will know it as ‘Land Impact’.

From what i understand when you link mesh and prim objects together as a ‘Linkset’  the ‘recalculation’ of the ‘display, physics and download costs’ of the new overall shape can lead to a lower land impact number than when they were separate.


1 thought on “Rickety Pack ONE & Prim Absorption #SL

  1. Wow, this really takes the mystery out of land impact when linking. I’ve had some very simple builds take on ginormous LI when they’re linked, as well as large builds shedding LI when linked. Now I know why. 🙂 Thanks!

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