Loki’s Avatar Boys

I own a shop in SL, infact i own a chain of 3. Lokis Avatar Boys was set up becos when i looked for clothes for boys in SL i could not find any. Infact i was told there was a real lack of boys clothes in SL. So i started up my first shop in The West Indies Pirate trade village and have had a shop there ever since. I first met Gemini and Kriss in that shop. Since then ive opend a store in Inner Child Depot, and Clown Town. There was a store in Garden of Eden Mall untill the owner of the mall started remodeling his land 3 times in a month.

The clothes sold well and i decided to move on to other things like sounds, animations and complete AV packages. Soon i hope to start on new range of clothes and accesories like hats and Bags.

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