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Some places you know about but rarely visit. You know who runs them and hear what goes on there and you wish you had more time to sample the atmosphere. The best places in SL are the ones that story and community grow up around and Undercity is one of these places.

Undercity is the vision of my friend Rai and i have always admired his vision and look to Undercity as an inspiration for what I’m trying to achieve with Escapades.  At it’s heart Undercity is a role-play region set in a gritty urban setting. Unlike the majority of kid avatar regions Undercity had a darker more mature atmosphere set in a city where all adults mysteriously disappear and a big brother computer system called S.A.M watches over those left roaming the streets in William Golding style tribal gangs.

As all role-play communities can tell you, Drama is unavoidable and Undercity was no exception in its heyday and as Undercity weathered the storms of internal role-play dramas it’s underlining concept and visionary kept it going for four and half years.

On Saturday i and some friends Joined Rai at the Suite 15 DJ club on Undercity for the last time. It is to close very soon and be derezzed because Rai simply can’t afford to keep it running due to new directions in his life and lack of interest by others inworld. These are reasons becoming more and more common across the grid and discussed repeatedly across the bloggisphere.

I’ve always admired the idea of a place that held people together with its story. Places like New Babbage are more about the themes of steampunk and rely on the the people to keep things interesting. In Undercity it was the underlaying story that gave people common ground to launch stories from, an idea that i myself are slowly trying to establish on Escapades.

Rai expresses his sadness of having to let go

Derezzing a region is not like taking down a website. A region as old as Undercity has memories stored in its textured prim walls. Memories of friends, adventures and stories from the past four years. So it is no surprise that Rai will feel sad and distraught to see it all vanish. But he should be proud of what he has built and take those memories with him to what ever he goes onto to do next.

Undercity is important and we won’t forget it.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful words, Loki. Indeed there are a lot of memories stored in the prims of Undercity. And the announcement of the sim’s closure seems to sadden its community even more than me. I want to add that Undercity’s original vision was created by Zak Kowalski, whose creativity and imagination I always admired. I merely built on and expanded Zak’s work, and on the work of another great builder and friend who prefers to be unnamed. Undercity was a group effort for many years and I am very lucky for having had that experience. Cheers.

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