Loki Mesh Summer Range coming SOON #SL

 Some have noticed i have not created any new Hoody or Shirt designs for a while.

This is due to me furiously working away at new Model Designs, that is totally new clothing range.

Since creating Shirts, Shorts and Hoodies in mesh last year i have learnt quite a few new tricks and hope my new range will allow for more variety in how SL residents dress and have fun in world.

Over the coming weeks i shall be releasing these new items in my Store and on Marketplace, and as a tease i’m going to show here the various new items coming to Loki Mesh Clothing. Many of the items have still to be textured.


The New V2 T-Shirt is more detailed, smooth and shorter fitting while the new baggy jeans are perfect for the urban street wise kid.
Sagging Pants - I never really understood this thing of having your jeans falling down yur butt, anyways here is Sagging Jeans for people who want them falling down their butts.
Polo Shirt & Regular Shorts - Long Sleeved Polo Shirt with collar and now a regular pair of shorts/ swim shorts for those who found the Long shorts TOOO long 🙂
Short Shorts - Old style very short shorts/Boxer shorts.
Bib Overals Long - Good old fashioned 70's style Bib Overalls with detailed buckles and slightly flared hems. There will also be a regular non-flared version.
Bib Overalls Short - Same awesome Overalls but with Short legs and sleeves.
School Uniform 1 - The Loki School Uniform 2012 will have a range of items for customising your uniform look. Available will be Short Sleeve untucked shirt with tie, Trousers with turn up hem and a Jumper wrapped around the waist
School Uniform 2 - There will also be a long sleeve tucked and un-tucked shirt with tie, regular trousers, Sagging baggy trousers and a Jumper/sweater. Basically this years version of the Loki School Uniform will be awesome!.



3 thoughts on “Loki Mesh Summer Range coming SOON #SL

  1. So cool… I want them all 🙂
    There will be a way to customize textures ? I mean personalize it a little bit ? Its very irritating to meet somebody dressed exactly like you are !

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