My Friends

Ive made some spiffing friends in SL, heres a sum up of some of my faves.

Redwolf i met as a wolf. Since then we became chums and i really love him, hes well kool. He thought i was cute as a boy and asked me to make him a Boy AV. Now i usually only see him as a kid. We have had some funny adventures. One time we sneaked into a strip bar in amsterdam. we ran out giggling then Red kissed me behind a big statue. That wasa kool day. He made a treehouse on my Island.

Gemini is like my koolest lil brother in SL. He runs a big club and even though he gets real worried about nasty people after him, he’s always got a wiked sense of humour. I love him dearly as he makes me laugh so much sometimes 🙂

Chief moved in next door to me. He’s a Seal and really cool at scripting. Hes like the Uncle to all the goonies. He’s got himself an entire Sim now so will be moving away. I’ll miss popping over the river to see wot he’s up to.

I have alot of friends in SL and often hold parties for them and those that i allow into the Goonies gang. I’m making new friends everyday.

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