It’s all blinking coming together

I Have huge plans for Escapades island, HUGE, proper cutting edge SL stuff, so cutting edge that the tools needed to do it are not yet available on the main grid. My approach to all this would make Douglas Adams possibly proud in the way i just bumble along until everything connects on its own :-p

I was asked to join the Experience tools program (also known as the gaming tools) but i declined mostly because i don’t have the scripting knowledge they required for participation but also because i wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut about it lol. It’s not a problem, i hear snippets from various places and look forward to finally playing with the tools to see what is and what isn’t possible and how they will shape the experience i’m aiming for by end of this year.

Along with this is the Pathfinding tools which i loved playing with on the beta grid enhancing monsters and pets. Alongside the experience tools the pathfinder tools should make visiting locations a lot more exciting.

Now Linden Lab have come up with ‘Wilderness’ which i can’t visit because I’m not a premium resident (i know shocking) but i’ve never seen a benefit to being premium and the wilderness does not change that.

I don’t think wilderness is necessarily an attempt to ad value to premium anyways. The more LL get stuck in and try out content creation the better the understanding they’ll have to offer good tools for us. And if LL build areas to test out tools, performance and research how users interact then they might as well offer it to premium users as a little perk for being premium.

2 thoughts on “It’s all blinking coming together

  1. it would have to be some kinda really awesome thing that i can’t make myself, such as a mobile client. Cigars and Cake in the post. Ive provided everything for myself to be entertained in SL

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