Over the months

I have been hanging around IN SL for a couple of Months now. At first i thought ‘WOW what a great place, full of great crazy wyrd people’. The more i walked about the more i wanted to see as i started to realise almost anything could be created there.

This post is to get you all up to spead on what i did when i first arrived. The first thing i had to do was create an AV for myself and i subconsciously went for sumone short and young. That was the first step into realising how secondlife is a projection of yur inner self. So here I am, Loki Eliot a short looking lad with long blond hair, freckles and a blue shirt. Made me wonder if i was in the MATRIX would i look like a kid, Anyway….

It did not take me long to change my shirt to Orange as thats my fave colour. I explored and saw sum real kool things like giant trees, and klingon battle ships, as well as the seedy side of SL with its red light allyways of amsterdam, gay bath houses and dungeons full of machinary and naked chained flesh. It was then i realised how free and wide of genre SL was.

Even the people there are varied and sumtimes bizzare. Ive met furries, invisibles, pirates, aliens, anything that could be thought of is here in SL.

After a while thought i found my feet, met some people who seemed to be like mself and i finally se to work on trying out clothes designing and renting an island……..

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