New Woodland

Started on the western side of the new land. Next to the Old Mill is now Gypsy Cove and the new Torley woodland, named after SLChildrens favourate Linden. In the wood you may spot some deer, so be very quiet when you visit.

As soon as Christmas was over i got rid of that iceburg, yeh it was a good idea at the time, but it looked shit! Now ive started work on Hawkins bay and Hawkins village.
Hawkins village im hopeing will be a series of rentable beach huts for Kid AV’s to live there. For a couple hundred linden a month residents own a hut, can have up to 200 prims in it and have one boat on the bay. Not sure if anyone will be interested but tis worth a go :).

1 thought on “New Woodland

  1. Bunnies!! It’s looking awesome Dude! The Huts and even the Pirate zombie cave just make the place awesome!
    Keep up the good work!

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