Christma is Secondlife

Well this was my first christmas with my secondlife friends. Last christmas i did not really know many here, but htis christmas i have a whole heap of friends :), Merry Christmas to you all.

We had a special Night before Christmas party at the Vortex witch was spiffin, all in our PJ’s ready for bed 2 days before Christmas day lol. We set up an Art Exhibition at the SLChildrens Youth Centre and i also finally moved steam hill to its new location oposite what will be Hawkings Bay.

Me and Gemini sat for ages drinking absinthe infront of the open fire in my Old Mill House. I have no idea where that monkey came from!

On boxing day i did a special boxingday DJ session at the vortex with a special Boxing theme. I made some special VORTEX boxing gloves for everyone to wear. Was a spiffing night.

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