Why am i not building anything in Sansar?

I’ve been in Sansar for over a year now and still yet to build anything on the scale of what i create in Second Life. It’s got to the point where people are asking me why i haven’t built anything. It’s not as if i can’t build anything of such scale in Sansar so why haven’t i?

I’ve actually made four experiences (now called worlds) in Sansar. 

The Forrest: My first Experience in Sansar was a simple collection of trees with a giant UFO in the centre. It was more a test of how the tools worked, what the limits were and how well my computer performed with the godrays and badly made trees.

The Hole At The End: This was an observational experiment of how different an experience can be depending on wether you were on desktop or in VR. At the end of a stone tunnel was a tiny hole in the wall. If you were in VR you could crouch down and peer through only to be startled by the face of a creepy guy looking back. Desktop users would find the tunnel cramp and usually miss the hole.

Loki Gallery: Created quickly in order to showcase some of my art work to friends.

None of these are published on the Prime Portal anymore. They were really just experiments looking at what Sansar can do in preparation for a bigger build….. so where is that bigger build, why haven’t i built it yet?

Is it the Mac issue?

One of the reasons i probably dont build much in Sansar is because i’m a MacOS User and Sansar is only for Windows users. Im able to play it because i have windows boot camped on my iMac and it works well enough. The main issue is that all my content creation software and work flows are on MacOS, so it needs sending over to the Windows side in order to be uploaded to Sansar. It means a lot of planning has to to be done because if anything turns out to be wrong with materials or other things, then i have to reboot again into MacOS to fix it. This slows down the creation work flow.

Is it because of my Avatar?

My avatar is very important to me, and it maybe that i won’t build anything seriously until im comfortable with how my avatar looks. I started out in Sansar with the default avatars which i was very uncomfortable with. Then i created a Loki sat on a robot which was great. Then they allowed scaling so i was able to be Loki OFF the robot which was perfect. Then they removed my avatar and replaced with the new avatar 2.0 which was ok, but didn’t feel right and im waiting for ‘preupload skeletal bone trans wot ever’ which i hope will FINALLY be the most perfect Loki Avatar ever. Maybe then after years of getting my avatar right i will be content and move on to building other things?

Is it because i don’t know what to build?

I’ve had plenty of ideas since i started using Sansar but i struggle to nail down one that is relevant. Who would visit it and why would they want to visit it, and would they want to visit it over and over again? In second life i seem to have no problem building things, but then everything i build in second life is built on top of stuff that has been there for years. Rebuilding Escapades Island, running annual events, creating for Fantasy Faire, designing the Vortex Club. These are not new things, they are maintained projects that have a community behind it.

Is it because testing your build takes ages.

Sansars world building tools are super fast up to a point and i think maybe that point causes me not to think big. It’s pretty easy to buy objects from the store or upload your own to place in your own sansar world. You can position and set out your world then click BUILD and there you are in your new world. The whole process slows to crawl though when you want to do more complex things than just lay things out. Adding scripts, animated objects, quests all require you to test them and the only way you can test them is by building and visiting the world, and Sansar has to upload your build every time which  takes … time. If you are not a very good scripter like me you can quickly waste hours trying to figure out why an animation won’t work or why a rock won’t fall, each time having to click build and visit and waiting and repeat.  This maybe why i dont want to think big ideas, it’s easier to just create a static place to visit. Creating a dynamic  interactive place is just to daunting when the only way you can test these things is to Build, upload, and visit them over and over again.

Well after all that i wrote i have actually started on an idea i’ve had kicking about in my head. It’s quite simple really, because in VR the simple things seem to work the best, plus you don’t have to test them so much.

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  1. My problem with sansar is the lack of love for the editor from linden lab.
    It’s a monster to work with. Missing keybindings. And on top you cannot organize your inventory. If you used secondlife you know how important folders are. 2 years later we still not have both options.

    Placing simple thing, linden lab makes it sound like that’s the way everybody build. It’s easy it’s quick. There’s one problem with that idea. The store not have enough content, it’s not the content your looking for. And everybody is using the same content so worlds get boring. You see that already in secondlife, it’s always the same content on pictures in blogs.

    On top of that blender is not easy for users to work with, especially since 2.8. Sansar need some inworld creation tools the automatic optimize the content when building. It’s not easy i sansar to create quick something.

    I oike to build in sansar, but the lack of functionality and slow workflow of testing makes it a difficult platform compared to secondlife. Unreal, unity, sansar. The all are complex. And for me sansar fit in the same category as unreal and unity, only am sure testing is faster in the last two.

    And let not talk about programming and sansar…

    The need to put more love in the editor, pull some people from VR section mabye, now the VR lart and desktop have flaws to. Especially with keybindings.

    If people can create easy it must attract more people because you get more worlds go visit.

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