The Dark Aether falls Mini Game of Clue Hunting and Bug Zapping #SL

This weekend will hopefully see my latest attempt at a game added to SL destination guide (fingers crossed). 

Part of a much BIGGER story.
Part of the fifth New Babbage Chronicles Roleplay game in Second Life is is designed as a simple clue hunt game to uncover a small part of the overall story The Dark Aether falls. The Roleplay has already been unfolding for almost two months and is nearing its end dead line and while the residents of New Babbage have been writing lots and lots about their reactions to the story and contributing their own spin off encounters i have been working on this mini game.
The aim of the game is to uncover the truth about why a man is found hanging in the Red Dragon Opium Den. Following Clues and solving riddles while watching machinima cut scenes that explain the story. It is a way for people to get into the spirit of New Babbage who’s motto is ‘what could possibly go wrong’.
The end is somewhat open ended allowing those who are interested to stick around, talk to other residents of New Babbage and perhaps become addicted as i have to the steam filled smoggy city of Steampunk.
Building on experience.
The game itself is a combination of what i have learnt from past games such as the evil zombie worms and last years The Black Heart. It uses a HUD to allow the user to play the game. It holds all the parts of the story and you basically search the town for the clues which when you click activate the necessary part of the HUD.  The HUD also comes with the Dapper Zapper with which you can dispatch annoying evil Aether Bugs that run around in the sewers.
The Dapper Zapper and HUD together cost just L$100 which is about  USD$0.50 and i hope people will feel the experience is worth it.

Shared Media woes continue a year later.
It is a shame the new LL gaming tools have not been released yet as they might have helped make the initial start of the game easier for those with little SL Skill. Also i found it really hard to get the Shared Media to work across all versions of SL viewer and on windows.
For some reason on my Mac using Viewer V3 the machinima cut scenes worked perfectly in world. But on windows on Viewer V3 the Videos appeared just grey. Wether this is a Flash plug in issue, or a windows Webkit issue i do not know as I’m not a software engineer.
The shared media video does not work at all on the popular out dated Phoenix viewer so an external video version of the HUD was included allowing people to click a button to pop the video outside into a web browser.
image from Nat’s record of battling Aether Crabs
The Writer who’s writing a story backwards


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