#LL Destination Guide hides hidden underground base #SL

Mesh clothes selling well, it’s been a long time coming but I’m sailing Linden Labs economic system and appear to be doing a rather spiffing job of it at the moment.
i am pleased with the outcome and it has boosted my confidence in Second Life..
Thats more than can be said about my in world experience project. I wrote maybe a month ago about how initially my Underground Adventure seemed to be working swimmingly. I had noted also that the visitors suddenly dropped off. Now I’m lucky to get one visitor a day to a place that is listed on the destination guide. And The underground base is not the only one as The John King experience is also listed on the destination guide. Yet Rickety Town centre is still getting an average 30 visitors a day which utterly vexes me. For starters rickety Town is listed as a general non specific destination unlike the other two which are dedicated experiences. Why do people decide more over to visit a place that does not specify an activity over ones that do?
Also Rickety Town is only has 23 Facebook Likes compared to Underground Bases 105, and John Kings 92 likes.
So what gives? why are my two experience based destinations loosing out to the general non specific destination?
Truth is i do not know, i only have assumptions at the time.
Assumption 1: Rickety Town is the first of the 3 destinations you will come across.
Rickety Town appears on the first page of the ‘Adventure & Fantasy’ page. It could simply be a case of laziness to read through the list. The Adventure base is on the first page of the ‘Games’ section which is right at the bottom of the destination guides list.
Assumption 2: People use the built in Destination guide.
By this i mean the Login screens destination guide or the Basic viewer version of destination guide which you will notice does not list the ‘Games’ category at all. So thats hidden my hidden Underground Base game from a large majority of users. My advice is now to make sure you submit your destination to a category that is listed in all versions of the destination guide.
Assumption 3: People like to visit places without knowing what they want to do.
Well in this case maybe i can do something. I could perhaps redevelop Rickety Town centre to better offer the other two destination experiences. Maybe i can heard Rickety Town visitors to the other places.
What ever the cause is for the visitor drop offs, i need to find away to improve it if i am ever to rely on visitors for help in combating the high priced Linden Lab monthly maintenance tier.
Perhaps LL could look at SL destinations and value them as much as they do Marketplace products. Market place products get extras to help promote items, they get buttons to tweet, plunk or facebook items. It’s about time Land owners, in world places got some serious tools for promoting their places?

i realise that perhaps i should maybe look into how to improve things on in world search. There is a challenge here to improve visitors and so let the games begin!.

I have been searching and searching the deep recesses of google sphere and found and interesting blog post on ‘Living in the modem world‘ with highlights of the SLCC keynote from Linden Lab staff about Destination guide. At the bottom is a video and also a slideshow. The team seemed quite focused on helping destinations get out there. Perhaps all i have to do is wait?

The slideshow shows top 10 categories for both on the SL website and inside the viewer.

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