Mesh & freedom to choose: How mesh is just another choice in #SecondLife ever changing culture #SL

Nat loves his mesh clothes
Some people like mesh clothes because they like how it fits them.
Some do not like mesh cloths because they have not found an item they like yet.
Some like to poke fun at others by pretending to wear mesh clothes but instead are wearing textured prim spheres, and watch and giggle as their friends relog 100 times :-p.
Fact is some people will love Mesh Clothes, and others will not, just like any clothes in SL. There is NO set way of creating and selling any clothes in SL, its a free open environment. There are some favoured ways for designers to create, but it is not a standard.
Mesh clothes, the designs, how they may fit and what sorts of people they may fit is no different from any other types of clothing. If you have a Horse avatar, your going to have a hard time finding a dress that fits. Like wise if you are a child Avatar not every piece of pre-mesh era clothing is going to magically fit and not every item will be modifiable.
Mesh clothing is just another addition to the ever evolving choices in Second Life, and as for SL’s culture, since when has that ever stayed static?

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