Fantasy Faire: The Lilypods

Fantasy Faire is back with twelve regions packed full of wonder and mystery and on one region called Mudrana we find the our favourite gang of misfits.

This year they are called the Lilypods, a group of children who have found themselves living in a giant pond helping the local frogs keep their Frog God awake. Anyone can come along and join the gang in their adventures during the week, just turn up at the Lilypod basecamp!

The Lilypods are recognisable by their over sized Lilypad hats, and noises horn trumpets which they use to assist the frogs in keeping awake the Frog God. It is said bad things will happen if the frog god of Mudrana falls asleep.

The Lilypad Hats and trumpets, including a hip bag are available to buy at the Lilypod Base Camp, all proceeds of which go directly to Cancer Research.

All through the week there will be roleplaying encounters and special fund raising events that help uncover the ongoing story at Mudrana. There is a timetable to help you know when to turn up and be around. The updated timetable is available in the Base Camp.

The first Lilypod Event begins on Friday at 2pm, Join Dogstar of the lesser Sidhe and the Spirit Guardians for gathering of folk tales. Tell us a story and hear of others, who knows, there might be a clue or two to whats going to happen this week.

So come along, join the lilypods at Fantasy Faire!

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