#SL profiles: the start of something great, i want it to be that something great NOW!

Its Social profile madness on the internet at the moment with Google+ trying to force everyone to consolidate their 10 years worth of Pseudonyms into one marketable identity. Meanwhile for us ol d Second Life users have been presented with the brand spanking new SL Social Profiles and while this is seen as the start of something great i want it to be that something great NOW.
As it stands it is simply a shout box that my friends have quickly tired of already. Hopefully they are planning to add a few obvious features.
Things i’d like to see changed/ added….
1. Share/Re-tweet friends messages:  part of the huge appeal about social networking is sharing things, and if this feed is to be any different from group chat or notifications then we should be allowed to share stuff posted by our friends to help promote what we love about SL. It seems a real crazy not to be able to do this, don’t you think?
2. Be able to ‘Love’ and ‘comment’ on’ places in the destination guide instead of the current Facebook options.
3. Allow us to ‘Love’ or simpley share items we like or have bought on marketplace on the feed.
4. See our group notifications in the feed notifications as well.

5. In notifications AND emails, give us a couple lines of the messages, allow us to see what was said without having to go to the feed page and log in only to find someone posted a smiley face in reply to something!

6. Support OSX Lion
I hope they don’t spend to long before adding these features. I want to start sharing my fun and games with my friends and others across the grid ASAP.

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