Short Story: Game Of Social Thrones #SL

Hundreds of years ago great empires were founded on simple communities. One such Kingdom was that of Second Life. 

As the Kingdom crew it’s leaders built a wall around the Kingdom shutting it off from the rest of the land. Its people watched from the walls as other kingdoms such as Facebook and Google+ grew large and fat on their freedom to share and communicate.

The people of the Kingdom of Second Life yearned to be seen and share what they created just as easy as those in the Google+ and Facebook kingdoms. They turned to their Humble Leader and pleaded

“PLEASE your greatness, pull down the walls, grant us the freedom to share our work and be seen by all, reduce the Land Taxes, set us free!”

And the Humble Leader of the Kingdom of Second Life set forth to bring them what they wanted.

But over the walls the truth of the freedoms of the Facebook and Google+ kingdoms slowly came to light. For the Kingdoms to grant such freedom came at a price. They had allied themselves with the Marketing Empire to the North who gave them gold and in return the Kingdoms of Facebook and Google+ would tell their people they are free to do what they wanted.

But in truth the people were slaves. What ever they did and what ever they shared was exchanged for more gold for the Kingdoms Leaders and the people had no choice for they could not see what was happening.

Gradually the People were labeled and placed in special parts of the Kingdoms. They eat the food only presented for them, they learnt only what was told and shown to them, and they only talked to those who lived in their part of the Kingdom.

From the walls of the Kingdom of Second Life the people started to realise just what they had as the Marketing Empire could not see past the great walls. And it was at that time the Great Humble Leader sent word to the Marketing Empire to discuss an alliance that would bring all that the peoples of Facebook and Google+ had. After all, this was what the People of Second lIfe had pleaded for?

Those who knew the truth took it upon themselves to sabotage the meeting to stop the alliance being made. The Marketing Empire reacted to the sabotage with anger at the Kingdom of Second Life

“You shall be cast aside, and left to rot while the rest of the land grows stronger and stronger under our rule and influence!” 

But what the empire did not understand was just how loyal to the Kingdom it’s people were, how proud of what they had achieved and how important their freedom to be who or what ever they chose and not to become labeled for the Marketing Empires targeting.

And so it came to be known that the Great wall of the Kingdom of Second Life was not stopping the people from being seen outside, it was protecting them from those outside who seeked to take away their freedom. 

An alliance was struck with the Order of the Twitter allowing The people of Second Life to send anonymous messages to other growing communities who fought against the Empire. The Second Life Kingdom became a refuge for those who escaped the Kingdoms of Facebook and Google+ and wanted a life where they were not pursued by Marketing Empire. The Taxes may still be high, but then my child, thats the price we pay for our freedom from the Empire……

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