Painting the Stranger Escapades Poster

Some might find this of interest, so thought i would share some steps in the process i used to create the Stranger Escapades Poster.

It was inspired by Kyle Lambert‘s Drew Struzan style poster to the tv show Stranger Things that i am quite obviously crazy about at the moment.


While Kyle didn’t use iPad Pro exclusively to create his poster, i wanted to see if i could do my own poster for the Escapades Anniversary weekend just using Procreate with Apple Pencil. The Poster would feature my closest Second Life friends in front of recognisable landmarks from the virtual world Island of adventure in Second Life.

Composition planning stage
Composition planning stage
Penciling in over blue sketched work
More pencilling, you can see sometimes i don’t follow my original sketch
After blocking in colours i then start blendshading. To a 3D artists this is like baking ambient occlusion.
Adding the background which will define how the whole thing comes together.
Finally, i cheat by adding water colour and paint splatter texture layers to emulate a Struzan painting style. Also start adding highlighting.

It was fun seeing what i could do with Procreate on iPad Pro, and while i tried to emulate Drew Struzan, my own style unfortunately still shines through. But in some ways thats fine 🙂 I still am amazed at how well the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil combines what’s swift and simple about drawing/painting on paper with the powerful tools of digital picture editing.

Final Poster


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