Dogstar The Storyteller – enhancing the traditional in #SL.

On Saturday The crazy little Fae Goblin called Dogstar came to Escapades island to tell three folk tales to who ever happened upon the event.

Situated in the picturesque castle ruins on the mountain side residents were treated to an immersive atmosphere with torches and the sounds of woodland birds surrounding them.

The stories were told live via the lands music stream and enhanced with hand drawn illustrated images depicting key moments in the tales. There was also a moment where a magic pot filled the castle area with porridge giving the audience a real sense of being part of the story telling experience.

Dogstar told three stories, ‘The Magic porridge pot’, ‘The Hobyahs’ and ‘The Man, Boy and Donkey’. Below is an mp3 of an excerpt from the evening.

You can download the MP3 HERE

In my live action roleplay days i’ve seen some truly magical traditional folk telling by proper recognised bards here in the UK. In every instance the experience is very much enhanced by the setting and atmosphere in which you are listening to the tales.

Second life has the ability to immerse you in a similar way. Of course you cant smell the smoke or feel the warmth of the fire but it goes alot further than simply hearing the story on an ipod or reading a book.

I tried to find a balance between a real bardic storytelling experience and reading a storybook while adding something that you could only experience in Second Life.

Second Life glitches aside (viewer crashing, stream cutting out and occasional Lag) I think those who came to the event on some level became immersed in the experience with their friends and strangers and left with an shared moment of colour, images and sounds they will remember for a while.

Dogstar may return to the island in future, but im not sure when 🙂

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