#SL Goony Beltaine Wickerman – 2011

Once again the SL Goonies and their friends gathered for the 6th year in #SL to watch the Wickerman burn. This was the first time on the New Upgraded island.

This year the Wickerman was built atop the mountain side. There were many new faces gathered from the past year, and many old faces stood side by side. But as always there were some who for what ever reason were not present this time round.

May, clad in cloth of gold, cometh this way;
The fluting of the blackbirds heralds the day.

The dust colored cuckoo cries farewell O Queen!
For winter has vanished, the thickets are green.
The wild bee is busy, the ant honey spills,
The wandering kind are abroad on the hills.
The harp of the forest sounds low, sounds sweet;
Soft bloom on the heights, haze of heat.
Happy the heart of man, eager each maid;
Lovely the forest, the wild plane, the green glade.
Truly winter is gone, come the time of delight,
The summer truce joyous, May, blossom-white.
In the heart of the meadows the lapwings are quiet;
A winding stream makes drowsy riot.
All creatures on earth, run, rejoice and be bold!
See the shaft of the sun makes the waters-flag gold.
Loud and clear summering wakes and trills his voice

Hail May of delicate colours ’tis belting rejoice!

Here is to yet another year in this mad virtual existence known as Second Life! We have the fun exploration of Mesh to look forward to, along with improved Community sharing features while escapades slowly gets stronger and stronger thanks to its great fans and residents.

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