Escapades Island: More British than Britain itself.

Anyone who follows me on twitter will no doubt know, if hadn’t already realised, i am from the UK, and that currently it’s going through a rather large self inflicted crisis. 

If i was from another country following me on twitter i would be by now fed up of the barrage of tweets and retweets about Brexit. But i can’t help it, i can’t stop reading about it or discussing it because it’s the strangest most gut wrenching feeling I’ve ever experienced regarding my country. It is really hurting because i was so sure i knew what my country was. Now its confusing, now i’m trying my best not to be angry at our older generations, trying not to be angry at the younger generation, trying not to be angry at those who lack basic qualifications, trying not to be angry at the politicians. I’m just trying so hard not to be angry.

I built my place in the virtual world of Second Life around the values i believed my country was built on, values that we share with other countries. Escapades Island is home to people from around the globe, the UK, France, Germany, America, Japan, Mexico and a whole lot of other countries. Half the time the question of where we all come from never crosses our minds until we discuss our differences in a delightful nostalgic enlightening way, or during Eurovision when we poke fun at each others entires. We help each other maintain the island and keep it open for anyone to come and explore and decide if they want to make it their home too.

When ever i discuss Second Life, the way we can connect to people of different countries and culture is always first on my mind. My own countries culture is such a mash up of different influences from across the globe going back hundreds of years and I’m so proud of that aspect of Britain, that is the bit thats ‘GREAT’ about Britain. Or at least thats what i think, turns out half the country might not agree.

As the British pound drops off a cliff, i realise some Uk renters at Escapades may find Linden Dollars suddenly more expensive. The savings from the region buydown kicks into effect end of july dropping the price of rent on Escapades plots, i hope this will make things easier for all island renters. The Island itself should not be effected Tier wise by the UK downturn.  If you are a UK renter and are worried about falling behind on rent due to the financial crisis, please IM me and have a chat so we see what we can do together to ease things. Britain might appear to have lost its identity this week, but Escapades Island still sticks to its multicultural collaborative values as I’m sure many places in Second Life still do.

4 thoughts on “Escapades Island: More British than Britain itself.

  1. I feel the same, woke up in a different country than when I went to bed and worried about how all this is emboldening the far right. Within every thin end of wedge is another just bursting to come out.

  2. Just before all this went down I was at your build on SL13B, and it struck me how much you and your activities remind me of two childhood friends I had – British boys living in Holland. It was around 1979. They were markedly different from Dutch kids, their gameplay (it was before the age of computers but you get my point) was much more geared towards adventure and activity, and they had something else Dutch kids didn’t yet have: a devotion to Star Wars, about which I knew next to nothing. So what I’m saying is *hell yes* you’re British, you represent that positive, adventurous part of Britishness which I remember so well, and what you’re offering to your British friends here is just another example of it. Keep up the good work Loki, and keep up that Union Jack as well! TC

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